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Hometown Throwdown

View photos from the annual tournament. Adding new photos as I edit them, so check back from time to time for more images!

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Special Offer for 2021
Memory Mates

As a big "thank you!" for your patience while we expand and build out the youth sports infrastructure, I'm temporarily offering a custom Memory Mate for the price of a basic version. The details:

$15 each plus sales tax

Order deadline: July 18th

Estimated delivery: July 23rd
2021 Memory Mate for the Hartford Velocity team

Sample 2021 Custom Memory Mate

We will be using the individual and team images from the team banners for this print. Additional products available upon request, with samples available in the main Velocity gallery.

Memory Mate Order Form

News & Notes

Velocity Discounts

I'm currently offering discounts on portrait sessions and digital files (with print rights) to all Velocity players, past & present. This includes all portrait sessions (such as Senior Portrait or Sports portrait sessions).

The discounts:
30% off portrait sessions
25% off of digital files & print rights

College Recruitment Web Sites

I'm working with a client on a customizable web site for recruitment purposes. It would allow you to add and update information, photos, videos, etc. without paying for each change.

The plan is to offer it more widely once we work out the technical  details. Please, let me know if you'd be interested.

Of course, I'm also available to capture and/or edit photos and videos for this purpose.

Team & Individual Photos

Thanks for your patience this season as I expand my Youth Sports services! Reinventing several wheels along the way.

My plan is to offer a mix of premium, custom, and standard products. To that end, I'm checking out several different ordering and delivery services to make it happen smoothly.

Watch this space or contact me for updates.

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