About Allan - the professional version

I grew up in a sentimental home in which snapshots were common. Nothing professional, but very frequent. Along the way I adopted an appreciation for photography as a memory keeping device and, with my trusty Kodak 110 camera (with 2 focal lengths built in!), began to take photos as well. I also began to appreciate artistic photography during those years, but never really thought to learn it myself.

I married my wife for her camera. No! That’s not true at all! But she did have an old manual focus film SLR, a couple lenses, and a flash — super cool and baffling. We had no idea how to really do anything with it other than the most basic functions (shutter button and focus ring, and maybe loading the film). Still, I began to want to learn it and made lots of false starts trying to figure out “aperture” and “depth of field” and stuff.

It wasn’t until 1998, though, that things got serious. My wife was expecting, and we wanted to be sure we had great photos of the baby! We didn’t have confidence in the current gear, and thought a better camera would mean better photos (serious noob error). So I started researching cameras. Turns out it’s the photographer more than the camera that determines the results, but we still decided we should get a more user friendly camera (good thing, too, since the old one broke before long). That summer we purchased our first Canon EOS camera, and started seriously learning & practicing. By the time Emily was born, we were somewhat ready for photos. Not so much for diapers, but thankfully she and her little sister are well out of that stage now.

I should probably point out that during those early years of marriage leading up to Emily, I was serving as Youth Director at our church. The teens were totally on board with and aware of the photography thing, and we’d take photos on youth activities all the time. Between them, the baby, and the bald eagles I’d try to photograph every summer on vacation, I got lots of practice. By the way, it’s difficult to chase an eagle around the lake in a canoe, so don’t expect to see any of those photos here.

A few years later, some of my former students had gotten engaged and asked me to take engagement photos, and I was happy to oblige. Then, in 2003, came the big question — “Al, would you take our wedding photos?” Of course I said “No.”

I also said, “I don’t have enough experience, and your wedding photos are a big deal, and I don’t want to mess ’em up! But, if you hire an experienced photographer for the ceremony and formals, I’d love to shoot some of the photo-journalistic stuff — the preparations and reception and things like that.” They agreed, I got in touch with the state to make things official, and AMD Imaging was born. As nervous as I was, I loved it, and things started rolling from there.

By 2007, several weddings and senior sessions later, I was full time with the business, primarily shooting weddings. I’ve worked with great couples and individuals, never had a bridezilla(!), and found weddings and portraits to be extremely rewarding. Over the last few years, I have transitioned out of weddings and into more business related photography (while continuing with senior portraits), but I consider it a real honor to have captured the big day for so many great couples. I know, sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

These days I find the business services growing rapidly. At the suggestion of a good friend and client, I started providing Matterport 3D Showcases in late 2015, and the reception has been great. Looking forward to continued growth in the Real Estate market in the years to come.

To be continued…

About Allan - the fun version

Not all superheroes are created equal. Me, for example, I’ve got more powers than I can keep track of. I’ve forgotten more than other heroes dream of having. But I do my best, and a few have become second nature.

It all began when I was a twerpy little 13 year ol…s0ga;l4navcx.,n/3iyz8qpojaogths…the art of ninjitsu…apoitc;na;wocitna;nca;onexklgifW:hwoaGiw;zs[p426pklwstyha82potuijfz …training among the Amish, who have m…p.,pqpojKigzlxjdshjlao38195ihtw…No! Jedediah!!! But it was too…qwlknl;LhIlj;ioweh…………..

……….s a total secret, so I’ll need to wipe your memory of most of it. There, all done. Just remember, when you think of AMD Imaging, think “Zombie free since 2003” — it’s not just a slogan, it’s a way of life!