Who we are

We are me, Allan, and I am a photographer, husband, father, teacher, and more. I suspect you’re here for the first of those. If not, you have come to the wrong place.  But that’s OK!  Stick around!  Maybe check out my story here (the professional version or the fun version).  

What we do

I take photos of people and buildings, plus Matterport 3D showcases of buildings.  If you’ve got a building or a face, I’m your guy.

The picture thing, it’s mostly high school seniors and business people, but if you’re an actor or megalomaniac or musician or pastor or somebody else who might need a portrait, give me a call. I love people. I’m also shy and awkward around people. Go figure. But the point is, I would love to capture your image.

Buildings.  I take pictures of buildings, too. 

The 3D showcase is a great thing. Like being there, without needing to comb your hair or brush your teeth. It’s perfect for someone selling or building a house, running a retail business that needs to be seen, offering a sneak peak of your amazing art exhibit or museum, or recording the scene for the insurance adjuster after your neighbor accidentally drives into the living room.

Senior Portraits

Low key, fun, and personalized. We’ll work together to capture images you’ll love.

Matterport 3D Showcases

Industry leading solution for self-guided virtual tours.  Perfect for Real Estate sales, public venues, retail spaces, art exhibits, and much more.

Business Portraits

Traditional portraits or location sessions, a single headshot or a full portfolio with multiple outfits and poses.

Contact us for details!

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